Land Owner Information

The Association provides an excellent level of crop protection and pest/vermin control services for our land owners and landlords.  

Not only do our members protect your crops and livestock we also provide a visible presence on your land that helps deter unauthorised access and trespassers.

We appreciate that you can't be everywhere at once so we also act as your "eyes and ears" and often spot problems (or potential problems) first such as livestock in distress, damages fencing or gates that have simply been left open.

If required we can provide a full pest, vermin, fox and deer control service or a "one off" service to meet a particular issue or problem.

If you would like to discuss our services or if you need any other information regarding the Association please contact us by e-mailing our Secretary at or our Vermin Officer at

  • Many of our members are experienced in all aspects of pest/vermin control
  • All members are fully insured via the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) this includes cover for landlord and third party liabilities.
  • We undertake and maintain full risk assessments of our current shooting opportunities.
References are available on request